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Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Laurentic Wave Machine, in conjunction with Trepan Records, is proud to announce that we intend to Bring Back the KjD Bomb through a much anticipated KjD extravaganza tribute night.

The fuse has been lit and the clock is ticking, with the detonation ETA being Friday September 29th 2006 @ the Paradise in Kilburn, north London. The night is going to be a fest of all things KjD as well as a tribute to their megalithic music and memory.

The Bomb Squad of bands playing includes KjD’s comrades and sister-band, the epic Carnival of Souls, who danced to and played with KjD on many a gig, the guitarist being none other than Gus, the maniac who masterminds the Trepan Records’ Great Brain Robbery nights, and co-organizer of this night. Also playing will be the masters of medical malpractice themselves – Dr Filth. Born just after KjD’s death, Dr Filth wear their Bombs close to their hearts, their guitarist being Anno’s very own cousin George. Also playing will be The Bicycle Thieves – the offspring of one of Anno’s closest cronies, J.S.;Truck, fronted by Andrew “Black-eyed Jack” Robertson – a close friend of Anno and KjD; and French Car & the Bolimic Wizards, who include Dan “The Bishop” and Christian, both former familiars of KjD, the latter being ex-Stony-Sleep, ex-Flying-Mango-Attack, ex-Razorlight – and explosive as ever...

As you can see it’ll be an incestuous affair – but don’t let that put you off as the evening is open to all. Each band will cover at least one KjD song, and we’ll be playing plenty of KjD both through on-stage projected music videos, and through post-band DJing, which will go from midnight to 2am.

The night is largely being held as a release for the latest, and most probably last, official KjD album ever to see the light of day – Bring Back the Bomb, a compilation of the greatest KjD tracks from their live gigs and unfinished album, Method One. Most of the songs on BBTB are not on the Dreams of Waking 2-CD, and is the closest thing we’ll ever get to a ‘complete’ KjD album. The blast radius of BBTB is significant – it’s not for the faint of heart as it contains only KjD songs, in all their thundering, symphonic glory.

Additionally there’s gonna be a mortar-hole full of KjD merchandise, including Zippo-type lighters, T-shirts, and of course the new album. Any profits made on the night are going to Anno’s Africa, a charity recently set up by Anno’s parents that aims to help homeless street kids in Kenya – so by coming to the night you’ll be helping the needy while also enjoying the first supreme KjD tribute held for almost four years.... How can you justify missing this?

The clock is ticking everyone — the Landslide is coming.....