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Who Said the Race is Over? is a selection of 54 lyrics/poems (from the 700+ that Anno wrote), with prefaces by the writer/director Bruce Robinson (Withnail & I, etc) and Anno’s amazing English teacher at Holland Park School, Ian Warwick. It has thus far sold over 4,000 copies, and is available from



Alternatively, you can buy it direct from us for 8 (which includes UK P&P). For details, see below.


  Dreams of Waking is a 2-CD set that charts Anno’s musical journey, from his solo days of Anodyne (aged 17), his recordings made with Billy and Flying   Mango Attack, to his final merging into Kicks Joy Darkness with Billy, Alberto and Lee. It is the musical companion to Who Said the Race is Over? and takes the listener on Anno's amazing journey of discovery. A handful of quotes lifted from, where the album is also available:

The album is absolutely incredible! Finally, the industry has been introduced to pure talent. The combination of Anno Birkin, Lee Citron, Alberto Mangili and Billy Scherer evolved a cocktail of wondeful thrills and spills! Absolutely original, dramatic, lively, moving, addictive ... listening to the album is a life-altering experience!

Unique - Kicks joy Darkness are light-years ahead of their time. Everyone who knows what's good for them ought to cough up a tenner for this one... Anyone who thinks he knows anything about music remains ignorant until they experience the magic of KjD.

As with Who Said the Race is Over, the 2-CD album can be bought direct from us for 10 - or buy both for 15. All prices include UK P&P! For overseas postage, please email us for current rates.

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There are 2 new KjD T-shirts available (in L and XL only, M sold out):

     1. Kicks joy Darkness                             2. KJD bomb belt

... also a KjD zippo-clone lighter, engraved with the bomb logo Anno drew on the restaurant wall a few hours before the crash...

... and - at last! - Ned & Gus' masterful compilation of KjD tracks taken from their last London gigs, and Billy's recording of KjD's last rehearsal for Method One on 7 November 2001:

      White booklet                           Black booklet (otherwise identical CD)

To keep things simple, everything's £5 each, or 2 for £10 plus a token £1 for UK P&P. We're not as yet set up to use Paypal, so it'll have to be cheques or international money orders. If in doubt, email us at, or else send your order and cheque (made payable to Laurentic Wave Machine*) to:

Laurentic Wave Machine
Cwmistir Isaf
North Wales UK
LL53 8YT


* Any profits from KjD merchandising will be given to Anno's Africa, but first we have to pay off the cost of ordering up the stuff. Oh, and as a final inducement - Free KjD badges on all orders over £10 - until we run out!


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