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Buzzard meat

Chauvinist Waltz

Close to the river

Collapse of the wave function

Curves of Morality

Dreams of Waking


High school honneyz

Like Light

Nero's new bathroom

Sacrifice and Bliss

The absurd bird



Zie Punk Volk


American Television | Words by: Anno

A grand hope. A rope.
An invitation to your party of plastic bags.
And cyanide.

A deep breath: a lack of Iron.
I'm fine without. I'm still within.
I'm coming back to what I know.

They brought a clown to ‘Camp F'
Death's easy with a pinch of mockery.
Murder's easy with prawns and soap.

"Wow" was all he said as they shot him up
With a mighty dose of justice.

Silence clings like leather.
Heaven feels like warm butter.



Buzzard meat | Words by: Anno

And I'm left for buzzard meat, as off and away she goes.


Chauvinist Waltz | Words by: Anno

Look at the man what you've made me -
Sorry and wise like iron and glass, if I
Asked for a reason you'd smile, if I
Asked for an answer you'd lie. What's
Driven to pain and disgust, all your efforts?
Your love is an animals den:
Lined with the bones of your dead.

Our names are forgotten.
Our heads are all rotten.
Our eyes are like cotton or silk.
Our minds are like curdling milk.
My carcass is mangled and
Tangled about round your feet:
A bramble that's dug in too deep.

There's hundreds of millions of
Tales and opinions to tell. But
I can't be bothered to yell anymore.
I'd smile but the wound is too sore.

The world now's the same as before - everyone's
Witty and droll and absolved with self pity and
Bored with this cold, shitty town -
Warmed only by a love that I
became too afraid to offend, so I ended up
Killing with kindness instead.


Close to the river | Words by: Anno

I am proud to remind them of you.


Collapse of the wave function |
Words by: Anno

I burned my doubt, collapsed the wave.
You're my craving in the darkness -
this. My God, my King, my slave.
Save the dead we are alone here.
Seize the instant quickly for
what lies within it - infinity.
You are the centre of my spin
and you begin where I have ended.

Does this bold heart beat on?

Disarmed of self and selfish things,
With crusty eyes that trust the darkness
And the light, for both are Him
And He is us when we are whole.

We are ageless. We are holy.


Curves of Morality | Words by: Anno

I've seen your face in glass, I've crossed my ...
I've seen your face in steel. In dreams
I've held your bones of steel.

The curves of morality curl.
The wings of night unfurl and beat.
And lift us from the torture of deceit.

An art. A moment found. The sound of
Instinct distinctly close and clear. Like a prayer.
I want to be close and clear and just explode.

There's something in my eye

Sing to me my sweet creeper.
Creep upon me like a glorious tide.
Let me hide in your flesh.

The curves of morality curl.
The wings of night unfurl and beat.
And lift us from this murderous deceit.


Dreams of Waking | Words by: Anno

From where did you fall, Lady? Ruin
Of my eyes. Rain of my roots, of my
Feelers that fumble and rise through
A jungle of sinew and muscle, to
Pry open subtle horizons that
Lie in between our two patterns.

We're safe enough here from the dawn.
From the scorn of the heartless, this
Darkness is warming and seamless.
Our body is total and seamless.
(And though you will say I don't mean this)
I dream just of waking.
Stinking of sleep and your love.
Caged from the world by your fingers and bones.
My lone understanding.
My centre of self mutilation.
That place where my body is good and desired.
I dream just of waking.
Shaking off sleep in your arms.
With delight and disarm I am gradually opening.


Fortress | Words by: Anno

Time collects it's dues from each of us.
(She gets down and moves to love's exit)
Taste in music says a lot, I guess.
(She gets down and grooves to love's exit)

She has this thing about the death of trust.
(She keeps her fishnet gloves on love's exit)
I bust my mouth on fragile words.
(Help me turn the key to love's exit)

All my colour's gone.

All the wrongs have now been righted.
Scribbled down (and cited in a court of law)
Where luck is in the draw (and truth is in the eye)
The jury finds in favor of love's exit.

Do you like my fortress?
I built it by myself.
No surprises there then?
No. None at all.
Do you like my fortress?


High school honneyz | Words by: Anno

What about the High School Honneyz that we never had?
Put those ghosts to sleep now, come find new ones.
Dressed as angels, and plea with them to damage you.
It's strange. But it's alright.
It's meant to be that way.

My dear, the road on which we're fixed it has no end.
It often bends through pain, but we can
Sit and stomp the mud and chomp the cud and say,
"If only this and that.
Those we love, if only they wouldn't bury us in fear.
If only. This and that."
But it's alright.
It has to be that way.


I'm an idiot. Give me love. | Words by: Billy

I'm an idiot. Give me love.


Isis | Words by: Anno

You know you have to keep on moving man,
Or else you're liable to fall asleep.
Don't lay your brains upon that pillow,
You'll die right there upon your mattress.
Everyone gets everything they want
And everyone gives just the same.
All desires are fairly mutual at source:
They're all as selfish as each other.

She told me that she loved me and blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.
And we talked about Divinity and blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.
And we talked about her TV shows and blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.
And then I said I loved her and blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.

Girl, you know that words are only half truths
And that they glitter like a fools gold.
You wear them round you like a necklace,
To stop you looking like a carcass.

She even said she knew me and blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.
And we talked about our parents and blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.
And how we fell off of the same horse and blah blah blah blah blah blah.
And we talked about our bodies. In a river.

Then you realized the rivers name and source.
Then I said goodbye and nothing more.


Landslide | Words by: Anno

Recovering sunlight.
Stealing back heat from it's forger;
Drawing back order in neat little lines and
Pinning the pieces of dawn to the world.
Tying the arrows of time to all things
Still in the running.
Still in the wings of existence, humming along:
"I am coming. I am coming.
But I might be just a little too far gone."

Give us guilt, it is the only milk for thought.

- Hey man, your head seems pretty small for an inventor.
You must be like a blacksmith: Just a sifter and a melter and a
Merger of old things now made hot.
Unknotted and battered and morphed to a mirror that
Flatters you more.

Alchemy's the poor man's art.

Bring a landslide Lord.
To wash away the surface of the world
and to bury all the bad things.
Like in children's stories - there are bad things.
And we bury them forever.


Like Light | Words by: Anno

He stood like a stone with a storm like a scarf, round a face he wore like a mask. As
Basking and bathing in glory he lay, clasping
Air with the claws of his mind,
T'was weary and wary of truths buried deep,
Steeped in the bowels of your pride.
"It's warm" you once said "where the dead flowers grow". I know. I go there.

Love is the only truth, like light.
Let truth move out of you like light.

The jester, he blessed her and guessed at her age, while You dressed her in rage and desire.
Then wired her up to your context and writhed, and you Cried for her sex and sedition.
The art in the eye of the harlot survives as a
Sliver of God for your soul.
So little is known of your love or your lover, she Shimmers above your seduction.

Love is the only truth, like light.
Let truth move out of you like light.

In death there's growth and understandably,
There is no sufferance in surrender.
Don't fear the other - his claws or his cage.
His rage is your rapture.
Capture this light ‘fore it sinks beneath the
Mountains bathed in blood.



Nero's new bathroom | Words by: Anno

The eagle has landed, has
Branded itself the new emperor ... and it's
Beak is so vast and so vile that it can't hide the
Smile that it casts like a creek through that rag on a
Rope, up a mast, that they've got up their arse, that they,
Hope is a flag but it's not, so they grasp for some
God, but He's dead or asleep, so instead they just
Grope at their guns, and they

Hop and they skip and they jump and they run and they
Leap to the edges of madness, and stop. At the
Ridges they wait, they throw bait to the wind and they
Wind themselves up and get hungry for something to
Happen. The eagle, you see, needs a weapon, a
Web round it's nest to prevent all the sun and the
Flies getting through that might alter the hue of it's
White, flightless son. Who

Can't lift a finger without some machine like a trigger. The
Dragon however, and Bear disapprove, and they
Whisper and move to get nasty.
Both of them thirsty for power - they're cranking up
Louder that song on the box with some guy going
On about not having nothing and not having
Nothing to loose. But

Nero's new bathroom in Washington don't have no
Windows. It's sound-proof and Nero is napping.

The Bear now is snapping his teeth and rapping his
Thumbs on a sickle of pride - there's a trickle of
Blood running still from the wound in his side in the
Shape of a star and he bellows and barks out for
Something like order. Or Honour. Or trust. But the

Bird's got its head in some
Bush, and it cushions its ears ...
so it just doesn't hear shit.

Near it the Dragon lies coiled and curious,
Oiled with furious cunning.
Running her ruby red tongue in vexed little circles,
Among her porcelain teeth.

Inside her a billion babies there wait to be born.
Will George be sat mourning the
Rangers while round him the White house turns red?

Ah ... but the dangers can
Wait ‘till he's done with his pancakes and eggs.

His good brother Jeb cooked it
Up real good and real glossy ... well my brother
Ned - he is only sixteen but he's wiser than
All of your possy and cleaner than all of your
Knights in their nappies, with
Sight-seeing maps which they
Bought because soon, well, they really
Ought to find chivalry.

Didn't you say that the moon was the only such compass?
Yes. But I think I was lying ... they
Grow it in Texas these days.

Hurry up boys, they're invading through Mexico,
Get to the borders, quick! Get to the Texaco
Stations and wait, for the truckloads to mosey on through ...
Then shoot the shit outta them.

They're giving out pills to the goons with the gold to
Prevent them from getting too old ... too abruptly. The
World should take Ned for example,
I do, and I've ample room for unrest in such resource.

Ha! The
Lion of British nobility, more like a
Kitten you see, she just tries to be cute with everyone. And
Everyone get's rather pissed with opinion-less pissheads. So the
Bird and the Bear and the Lizard, they twist like a
Blizzard and turn upon me in my Lion suit,
Mute in my wizards hat.
Trying to change or explain this or that.

Feeding my hospice of hope with another new joke ...
Every second I'm sat here. Is it
All just another false warning? Another fat
Fanciful wish of mine seeking admission to
History's awning and binding me there ... where

If you go looking my name you'll be finding in
Book number ten of the honourable dead. You
Said that the very front line seemed somewhat un-
Worthy of a life like mine own, funny then that
It should be me who is crying out loud, for per-
mission to be or be given death.

There in my dreams I lie shaking, trying as
Hard as I can to take life from the rest of this
Can full of worms (that I love) and I burn in my
Sleep and I mumble a prayer and I wake.

One day we will
Take it in turns to admit and to then be admitted,
into His arms. But my
Mother's fair name is the one that will float from my
lips as I fade ... and eclipse beyond nothing.

[to read this in the Bishop's 2006 illuminated manuscript, CLICK HERE]


Sacrifice and Bliss | Words by: Anno

The veneer has been varnished,
Our hope has been harnessed and
Hung to blow on the gallows.
In the shallows of bliss where we
Kissed without mercy, so
Salty and thirsty for sin.

Oh man don't open the gates and he'll never get in,
Thin man. Why wish for a sun that is wrinkled and white,
And your tight man, your fate's up for sale and its your turn to bid,
Don't even think it, don't open your heart and you'll never get hit.

You are too dumb for words,
You are too numb for lust, you are
Too young for aged desire.
You are too young for her, far
Too fun to trust ... you are
Too wet to let near our fire.

Tired man, don't open your eyes and you'll never grow old,
Old man don't live in the light of a sun that's run cold.
Cold man, don't sleep for the dreams that you daren't understand,
Don't question why just don't open your eyes and you'll never go blind.

Deep within the storm find calm, find solace in your arms.
When days of soft decay and sweet corrosion were my dreams.
And all the world was still of all it's agony and smiled.
For just a moment. Just a little.

Entombed man, open your eyes or you'll never see light
and decay man, what good is a fist if there's no one to fight
but yourself man, you're stooped in the Gulf of your own stupid mind
and you find man ...


The absurd bird | Words by: Anno

Make me wine from hemlock and heady eyes.
Give me prayer, for I was your heresy.
Give me cause and I will affect for thee.
Feel you swell and surge in my memory.

Let you grow.
Let you bring me low low low low.

Burning almonds laced all throughout my dreams.
Scars and teeth marks - artwork upon my pride.
Lay your dead behind and beyond your world.
Where's the hour you owe me?

Descend my love.
And throw me low low low low.



Touched | Words by: Anno

I saw from this place at the foot of my grave I gave myself in awe to childish hope and promise.
The tomb it was dug by those whom you know and love and trust.
There's just room enough to put you in.

And you fear that you lust and you know what you love must be clean.
And you fear what you seen, what you touched, what you've been. And I'm touched.
I'm not naming anyone at all.

I'm soon to return, there's soon to be fire in my veins again. I'm almost home. I'm almost ready.


Ultraviolence | Words by: Anno

Sore neck, light in sleep:
I daren't inhale you always reek of
Success. Polyethylene glow.
Busted rails inhibit love
And I hope you get to kill some day.

The lady of the law has called my name.
I'd confess but I can't reach her withered arm of justice.

Don't rouse, douse your shame in paraffin and methylated truth.
Disinfectants damage fabric.
Colours fade with ultraviolet rays.

Ultraviolence. Ultraviolence. Ultraviolence.
Ultra violent in your stupid smile and solemn brow.
You'll lose your stability some day soon.



Zie Punk Volk | Words by: Anno

There's blood giving heat.
Blood on the blue light beats like his heart.
That now is heard no more.
There's a smell like pieces of glass -
Still in the sharp air.

Shards of me move together in a shape like a shadow or ghost.

We're mostly dead anyway.


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